Tent or Hammock? Hammock or Tent?

Altair Olympic National Park

Tent or hammock, hammock or tent?

And this really wasn’t much of a debate years ago, as the two were fairly independent in their usage. Tents were for camping, hammocks were for fun. However, hammocks have come a long way, not only in their availability (see Amazon LINK and its hundreds and hundreds of results for a simple search of “Camping Hammocks”) but in the bundling of all the necessary pieces to arguably replicate your more traditional campsite.

The decision to leave the tent at home and go camping with a hammock is a tough one. So many variable come into play like how many people are with you? What is the weather going to be like during the day, and night? What is the terrain going to be? How long are you going to be gone? And the list goes on.

To us, you can’t really go wrong. But the key differentiator, and ultimately the primary advantage of a hammock bundle over a tent, is that you just need 2 trees 12 feet about, rather than a 10 foot by 10 foot flat piece of land. This creates freedom and responsibility, and opens up all kinds of possibilities to where you “camp”.