The Primary Advantage of Hammocks

Altair Olympic National Park

In locations with fairly strong trees, with a decent amount of strength, the primary advantage of a hammock is the increase in suitable campsites. Especially when the terrain is rocky, ground camping is very limited. That is rendered irrelevant with a hammock bundle. With the need for a flat surface gone, that allows the hiker or backpacker to just keep going to where he or she wants to. And typically these hammocks weigh 5 pounds, so that is a pretty good trade off for freedom. In a nutshell, the advantages of hammocks over your traditional tent are:

Size and Weight - hammocks typically stuff into a compression sack the size of ziploc bag and again, weigh less than 5 pounds. They also win out in that it eliminates the need to lug a sleeping bag too.

Strong and Fast – Most of these hammock hold up to 400 pounds and honestly, If you know what you are doing, taking about 10 minutes to set up.

Comfortable - A night in a hammock more times than not will beat a night on the ground.