What People Are Saying

Awesome price for what you get. They updated the tree straps, carabiners and stretch guy line for mosquito net. I traveled the whole blue ridge parkway from skyline dr. to the smoky mountains finding any type of campsite along the way (with trees of course) t-storms second night and I stayed mostly dry, rain traveled down my guy line and wet my mosquito net and some drops on my face, I added drip string to that and problem solved. was a 3 night trip and i had no complaints. bought really small carabiners that i added to guy lines for mosquito net for quick installation and for the tarp strings as well (for wrapping around tree) I will add more pockets and more guy lines for mosquito net to open it up more. I am 5'6" and 135 lbs female and i feel that its a perfect fit for me, as you can see in the pictures... you might feel more cramped if you were taller. Plenty of room for diagonal sleeping, which i think is a big plus!

- Matt B, San Antonio, TX

Bought this back in June and did an overnight with it. Was pleased but needed some tweaking. Used a paracord ridgeline for the rain fly instead of the two pieces of string they give you. Do some YouTube research (Dave Canterbury or Corprals Corner) added some better stakes and #36 bank line for the tie out points on it as well. Some thin shockcord attached to the loops on the bug net then hooked to your ridgeline with small “S” biners for quick on and off will help. Some negative comments about those loops ripping. I just got back yesterday from spending the week with my grandson at Boy Scout camp. 5 nights of sleeping in it comfortably and needs no more tweaking. Just the way I want it. Weather was perfect so I can’t comment about water penetration of the rain fly just yet. Will update when I encounter more than moderate precipitation. Hope this helps you out.

- David B, Helena, MT